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What to Do If Your Baby Is Hurt by a Recalled Product

If your baby is injured, it can be hard to think. You will be concerned and confused in the moment. So it is best to plan ahead for what to do if anything in the nursery turns out to be an unanticipated danger. When you are getting your nursery ready, checking to make sure you are not using any recalled or dangerous baby products, make a plan for how to respond to your baby’s injury. Here are the steps to follow if your baby has been injured:

  1. Get medical attention to ensure your baby is okay.
  2. Report dangerous products to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  3. Let others know about the dangerous product that hurt your baby.
  4. File a product liability lawsuit to cover expenses and protect others.

Immediate Medical Attention

If your baby has been hurt, the first thing to do is to get immediate medical attention. Injuries sustained by a baby can have lifelong effects, but immediate treatment can make sure these effects are as minimal as possible.  Even if your baby seems fine after a fall, entrapment, partial strangulation, or exposure to toxins from a dangerous product, consult with your doctor. If nothing else, it will put your mind at ease.

Report Dangerous Products

Most of the information about dangerous products on the market comes from the reports of people like you, whose babies have been injured. You can report dangerous products to the CPSC by calling 1-800-638-2772×650 or by going to their website. If the problem was related to your baby’s food or medicine, you should report it to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You should report the injury even if you notice that the product you are reporting has already been recalled.  The CPSC and FDA want to understand the full scope of the dangers posed by recalled products.

Let Others Know

If your baby was hurt by a recalled product, the chances are it was because you didn’t know the product had been recalled.  With the number of recalls that take place on dangerous baby products, many people do not know that a product in their nursery has been recalled. And if you didn’t know, then the odds are that there are other parents with the same product in their nursery, unaware of the danger it poses. Let people know what you know. Go beyond telling friends and family. Contact local media, go to retailer’s websites to write reviews, write a blog for a local site, or get on a web forum for parents—anything to let people know what happened. Filing a product liability lawsuit can also help to let others know about the dangers posed by a recalled product.

File a Product Liability Lawsuit

At first, you might be reluctant to file a lawsuit over your child’s injury. After all, the damage is done, and nothing can undo the pain. But you can make sure your baby’s lasting injuries are taken care of, and potentially save other parents from suffering a similar pain. Injuries suffered by a baby can lead to lifelong disability and ongoing care, care that should be paid for by those responsible for the injuries. And if you lost your child, no amount of money can bring your baby back, but a lawsuit can make sure companies understand they will not profit from making unsafe products, and encourage them to look for similar design flaws. And your product liability lawsuit can bring more attention to the dangers posed by a product.

If your baby has been hurt by a recalled product, the product liability attorneys at Schlichter, Bogard & Denton, LLP can help. Please contact us today to learn how.

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