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Schlichter Bogard & Denton is a unique law firm that aggressively represents its clients injured as a result of dangerous pharmaceutical medications and unsafe medical devices.

Our highest priority is obtaining the maximum possible recovery for you and those close to you who have suffered as a result of your injury. We follow through on this commitment by demanding the highest standard of excellence in every phase of the trial process. With hard work, creative thinking, and strong trial skills, we have earned an outstanding nationwide reputation by representing thousands of individuals who have suffered serious injuries.

Many pharmaceutical and product liability cases revolve around common questions of fact and theories of liability. As a result, these types of cases are often grouped into what is known as a Federal Multi-District Litigation (MDL). These are not class action lawsuits because they remain separate cases. Rather these MDL cases are transferred to a single judge for the purpose of coordinating discovery that is common to all cases pending around the country. This process allows lawyers to pool their resources together for the benefit of all plaintiffs in order to efficiently handle lawsuits against large pharmaceutical and product companies. The discovery and development of common trial strategies necessary for these cases are entrusted to certain lawyers appointed as leaders in the particular Multi-District Litigation case.

Our firm has been selected to lead the following high profile national litigations involving some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies:

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