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Heparin Overdose Kills Toddler

A 2-year-old Dallas girl appears to have died of a Heparin overdose after she was treated in an Omaha hospital for an infection. Heparin is a blood thinner (anti-coagulant) that is used to decrease the clotting ability of the blood. The drug is referred to as a blood thinner though it does not actually thin […]


Avandia’s Safety Still in Question? Not According to Glaxo

It seems like the general public is the only group that fully understands the dangers the Type 2 diabetes drug, Avandia, presents to those taking it. For years now, we have been reading about the significant increase in cardiac events in diabetics taking the drug versus those taking a placebo or no drug at all. […]



Treating life-threatening illnesses with antibiotics has been a common practice since the discovery of penicillin. All too frequently wounded soldiers and patients would die from infected wounds until antibiotics joined the physician’s arsenal. Since that time, bacteria have evolved, making them more resistant to traditional antibiotics. Drug companies are continually manufacturing powerful antibiotics to defeat […]


Xenical and Alli

Obesity is an epidemic in America, leading to numerous long-term health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. In an attempt to help those suffering from obesity, drugs have been developed that can help accelerate weight loss. Unfortunately one of these drugs, orlistat, the main ingredient in Xenical and Alli, is now […]


Accutane Maker Receives Verdict Reversal

The acne drug, Accutane, manufactured by Roche Holding AG, came on the market in 1982 and has been linked to very serious medical problems such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease or disorder). IBD is a painful, inflammatory condition of the colon and small intestine. Since 2007, Roche has lost all seven cases against the acne […]


Drug Trials Have Positive Outcomes when Funded by Drug Maker

It’s no surprise, really, that a study regarding the efficacy of a certain drug is going to be more positive if it’s funded by the drug’s manufacturer rather than some other entity that does not stand to profit from sale of the drug. According to a recent study, researchers found this shocking assertion to be […]


Seroquel Manufacturer to Keep Settlements Confidential

Drug manufacturer, AstraZeneca Plc, the maker of Seroquel, has tentatively settled approximately 4,000 product liability cases involving the anti-psychotic but claims it will keep the terms of the agreements confidential. Astra Zeneca is a London-based company and the U.K.’s biggest drug maker. By the end of March 2010, Astra Zeneca said it was in the […]

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